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Signature Technology Solutions Incorporated (STS) offers Systems Integration, Telecommunications, Professional Staffing Services, Certified Microsoft and Novell instructors.

- Integration Services
- Networking Services
- Structured Cabling Services
- Professional Staffing Services
- Web Design and Development
- Web Based Marketing Solutions

Integration Services
Signature Technology Solutions, Incorporated, (STS) is primarily engaged in planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. We help enterprise clients integrate technical infrastructure, application software, business support systems, supply chains, and communication technologies. STS provides solutions that are secure, reliable, flexible, and designed to scale with the enterprise.

We approach our client’s applications as strategic business tools that can be used to fundamentally improve business operations and communication. This capability extends to helping clients confront change, reduce operational costs and achieve a measurable ROI from their application investments. This supported by proven methodologies, tools and skills from our expert consultants.

Our application development and systems integration services offer consulting and delivery expertise in end-to-end systems integration and custom application development.Our services are designed to propel innovation and expansion into new marketplaces while reducing overall costs.

We assist clients with the design, build and management aspects of their transformation to on demand e-businesses. This includes multi-delivery options, integration of new and emerging technologies, and leveraging open standards such as Web Services. Our primary goal is to help position our clients for long-term success.

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Networking Services
The communication industry including computers telephones, data, loss prevention and security is constantly changing. The dynamic nature of this industry makes practical experience and formal classroom training imperative to improving our professional’s level of expertise. Signature Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS) professionals have worked hard to gain the skills and certifications needed to assure that we do the right job for our customers.

We start with a Needs Analysis and/or a Problem Identification phase and we study each customer’s situation carefully before we proceed on to Recommendations and the establishment of a Strategic Direction.

The recommendation takes into consideration all of the requirements and costs associated with the life cycle of the Network:

  • Design – establishing the overall framework to meet the needs
  • Engineer – specifying all of the details and capacities
  • Install – doing all the tasks necessary to implement, test, and document
  • Maintain – performing corrective actions to keep the network up and running
  • Manage – overseeing the performance to spot problems before they occur and take corrective action

We maintain certifications from Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Novell and Nitix to assure that the systems we design and install can be maintained and managed to maximize uptime.

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Structured Cabling Services
A well-designed cabling infrastructure, with the right components, coupled with proper documentation and labeling of the network, can save an organization time and money. By using Signature Technology Solutions Incorporated (STS), structured cabling services you will be able to design and implement a more precise telecommunications infrastructure that save time and money than ever before.

STS is certified by a number of component and connectivity manufacturers. Also, STS is a member of the BICSI organization, the building industry organization that sets standards for installation of inside and outside plants. We are committed to design and installation of an infrastructure that will meet the present and anticipated requirements of our clients.

The standards and specifications established for cabling by various Standards Bodies enables diverse manufacturers the ability to build equipment and components that work together in creating a standard telecommunications infrastructure environment. Standards also provide a benchmark for various performance categories, as well as guidelines for planning, designing and installing a telecommunications infrastructure within residential and commercial buildings.

These Standards govern:

  • Guidelines for planning, designing and installing telecommunications infrastructure in commercial buildings
  • It specifies minimum requirements for telecommunications infrastructure
  • Open system connectivity
  • Backward compatibility with lower-performing categories
  • Simplified moves, adds, and changes
  • Describes a neat and workmanlike manner as required by the National Electrical Code (NEC).
Our cabling installations are supported by extended warranties, this guarantees your cabling investment and certifies end-to-end performance. Our technicians are certified and well trained on the industry structured cabling standard ANSI/EIA/TIA-568B.1 - B.3.

Depending on your requirements, select from a variety of services, including:

  • Design and engineering of a complete end-to-end structured cabling system to meet any communication need
  • The development of cable management records for your facility as well as CAD drawings
  • Installation, termination, and certification of any Copper premises cabling including: Gig speed, Category 5E and 6, CATV, and Ethernet
  • Installation, termination, splicing (mechanical or fusion) and certification of Fiber Optics to the desktop or as a component of your structured cabling system including both single and multi-mode fiber
A well-designed cabling infrastructure and properly documented network has several advantages:
  • Simple enough to be administered and maintained
  • Offers a huge ROI in terms of maintenance and upgrade
  • Scalable for future expansions, upgrades, or new building locations
  • Intuitive to technicians, contractors and consultants

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Professional Staffing Services
Our Professional Staffing Services or (PSS) is all about helping you meet your IT staffing needs at a competitive price. PSS takes a tactical approach to supplying the intellectual aptitude our client needs to meet their complete technology goals. Our PSS have access to a global pool of talented people who are available when, where, and how you need them.

We collaborate, putting together the right combination of people for the specific job. We focus on providing our client with staff augmentation, direct placement, project management, complete outsourcing or a combination of these. Additionally, you can take advantage of our onshore, offshore, or “dual shore” high-tech resources, depending on your structure, budget, and project scope. The bottom line is that our people will supplement your IT needs and help you complete any project successfully, within budget, and on time.

We care about our long-term client relationships and commitment. Meaning, we will do everything in our power to lower your risk and maximize your profitability by investing the time, resources, and attention necessary for your success.

An example of our various clients and project applications:

  • An insurance company in needed several consultants to facilitate a system deployment project
  • An automobile manufacturer needed several wireless telecommunications technicians for a new part depot and conference center
  • A government agency required a database modification to keep track of changes in the water level regionally
  • A small construction firm simply couldn’t handle the daily requirements of keeping its software current and its systems functioning optimally

Whatever your size, structure, industry area, and IT needs are. Our experts will take on critical aspects of your projects, up to and including, the integration of all of your key business applications into one seamless solution.

Professionals at STS benefit from the stability, security, and credibility that represent our principal consulting operations. Our team also receives access to the best training available. For our client, that means technology services of the highest caliber at significantly lower price. I invite you to learn more about our PSS offerings. Contact us to discuss how STS can empower your business,

IT Staff Augmentation
In most organizations the IT departments are streamlined to bare minimum levels. However, there are increasing needs to ramp up resources for strategic initiatives, projects, planned transformations or ongoing operations. We can assist organizations in cost-effectively staffing IT development functions.

We recognize that with changing IT staffing demands, having the right people, when you need them, helps control costs while maximizing profitability. Our Professional Staffing Services (PSS) organization provides competitively priced, task-oriented IT resources enabling lower cost staff augmentation. We offer the flexibility and expertise to take on assignments lasting from a few weeks to several years. For more information about our IT staff augmentation, call or e-mail us at

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Web Design and Development
Primarily focused on small to medium-sized business, we create easy-to-navigate, fully-loaded web sites that gives you maximum impact at a minimum cost. And we don't stop there; we keep you in the loop with on-sight training, technical support, personal consultation, research, and - of course - one sharp, eye-catching site.

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Web Based Marketing Solutions
In conjunction with our partner, we offer an online free gaming and sweepstakes site dedicated to providing state of the art marketing solutions for companies all over the United States. GotoSweepstakes develops marketing promotions, surveys, sweepstakes and free games to generate huge amount of sales and leads. Also, can develop and deliver a targeted e-mail marketing campaign to its more than 350,000 purely opt-in subscribers.

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